Helping build the future

I help build the future, as an entrepreneur, an advisor, and an investor.

As an entrepreneur I have had three successful exits, one IPO experience, and one great learning experience. Currently, I am working on a venture that has the potential to transform the online advertising models.

As an advisor, over the past decade, I have been helping early-stage technology companies build the future. Previous to that I used to advise government and larger organizations address issues of strategy and operations.

As an investor, I invest in Vancouver-based tech companies that I help and I help the companies that I invest in. I have a particular interest in fin-tech blockchain enabled businesses; yet I am open to all great opportunities.  


My Mission

My personal mission is to live life with no regrets. My motto is service above self.   

My personal goals, before I say good bye to it all, is still a work in progress although the top three are very clear. Long-term, my plan is to be board member of various for-profit companies and a couple of not-for-profit organizations.  

My approach to life is to frequently upgrade my stories and to live them. Because, I believe that the stories that we tell ourselves become the stories of our lives.