The stories we tell become the stories of our lives.


Our stories set the trajectory and the capacity of who we become and are the reason for all of our experiences. We come up with our stories based on what is important to us and the difference that we think that we can make.

What is your story?


The problem is that management teams and founders don’t always come up with the right stories, usually because they don’t ask the right questions. The stories are often either too limiting, robbing the organization from valuable potential opportunities, or the stories are misaligned with reality, creating an execution gap.

The solution is candor. Candor is straightforwardness, bluntness, and outspokenness. Candor elevates the quality of the discussions and beckons people to ask the questions that matter. When the right questions are asked, better answers flow.

The result is ultimately better clarity and alignment of the strategy, operation, and people, collectively better execution.

The next step, each and every time, is for leaders to inject candor into dialogues. This makes it possible for leaders and their organizations to come up with stories that propel them into action and remove the barriers to execution.